Announcement of the SFML Conference from May 13.-17. 2024

We 2024 delighted to announce the conference “Star Formation Across Cosmic Scales: Machine Learning Insights and Applications,” to be held in Budapest, Hungary, between May 13-17, 2024, organised by the consortium of the H2020 funded NEMESIS (Novel Evolutionary Model for the Early Stages of Stars with Intelligent Systems) project.
The aim is to highlight and explore the diverse applications of machine learning, ranging from identifying young stellar candidates in large-scale surveys to understanding the impact of various factors on the birth and evolution of stellar systems. By bringing together experts in star formation and machine learning, and extending the invitation to extragalactic experts, our goal is to foster collaborative discussions and showcase groundbreaking research that leverages machine learning to unravel the mysteries of star formation across cosmic scales.
Topics will include:

  • Young star populations, galactic structure
  • Star- and planet formation
  • YSO variability, time domain analysis
  • Machine learning techniques, classification and regression type problems
  • Surveys, data types
  • Link with extragalactic surveys
For more information, please visit our website:, which we regularly update with additional details, and where you can pre-register for free.
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