Poster: An all-sky catalogue of variable Young Stellar Objects seen by Gaia

The most recent Gaia data release (DR3) provides information on an order of magnitude more variable sources than Gaia DR2 in 2018. Among the published additional variability classes is the class of Young Stellar Objects (YSO). We present an extensive work of validation and describe the YSO catalogue in details. The objects were cross-matched with several infrared and optical databases listing sources labeled as different types of young stars. Also, distances to well-known star forming regions were analysed based on this sample and we found a good correlation with distance estimates from the literature. We found that the contamination of the YSO catalogue is in the order of a few percent. The completeness is at percent level for YSOs in general, depending on the evolutionary stage and is more complete for the Class II and Class III objects as more evolved YSOs are more likely detected by the G band photometry of Gaia. However, as an all-sky survey mission, the Gaia catalogue offers the unique possibility to study star formation throughout all our Galaxy.